About Desert Rhythm

Desert Rhythm, founded in early 2001, offers classes
in Middle Eastern dance for women.

Courses offered range from beginners to advanced levels
with focus on Raks Sharqi.
Desert Rhythm welcomes women of all ages, experience and backgrounds.

The school’s troupe has performed in numerous performing arts events
including the Street Revolution 2002 and 2003
of the Singapore Arts Festival
and the opening festival of the Esplanade on 12 Oct 2002,
as well as corporate events.

The school has also been featured on television in TV Works’
programme "It’s All in the Body", hosted by Wendy Jacobs (2001),
and Lianhe Zhaobao's Fukan section (2002), Shin Nichi Ho (2003),
Mediacorp's "ladies First" hosted by Ms Wong Lilin (2003)
and Channel 8's "In Kids" (2003).

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