Desert Rhythm Classes

American Tribal Style ("ATS")

ATS represents an American adaptation and interpretation of the North African and Middle Eastern folk dances. It is essentially an improvised group dance. This dance style is known for its emphasis on group cohesiveness, improvisation and cymbal work, according to each tribe's rules.
This course covers basic ATS technique and practice, including cymbal work.
* Participants - please bring your own cymbals to class. This course is open to all students who completed at least Level 3 or the equivalent.

     Tuesday, 7.00pm: 11/5, 18/5, 25/5, 1/6, 8/6, 15/6, 22/6  (7 lessons)      $105

Belly Grooves

This course focuses on technique required to execute the choreography to an upbeat Arabic pop composition, Boussi Ba'a by Shereen. Refine and strengthen your Level 2 technique plus learn some Level 3 technique. This course is open to all students who have completed at least Level 1 or the equivalent.

     Monday, 8.00 pm: 10/5, 17/5, 24/5, 31/5, 7/6, 14/6, 21/46, 28/6      $180

Introduction to Bellydance (Level 1)

This level covers basic technique including hip circles, figure of 8s, hip drops and the single beat shimmey. You will also learn to develop safe dance practices with emphasis on good posture, breathing and footwork.

     Thurday, 6.30pm: 6/5, 13/5, 20/5, 27/5, 3/6, 10/6, 17/6, 24/6     $180

Foundations of Bellydance (Level 2)

Building on Level 1, you will learn higher level basics focus on the camel walk and body undulations. will learn how to apply basic technique to pop songs so you can dance your night away!

     Monday, 6.30pm: 10/5, 17/5, 24/5, 31/5, 7/6, 14/6, 21/6, 28/6     $180

Bellydance Exploration (Level 3)

With the basics in hand, you are now ready to learn how to travel around the dance floor with exciting travelling techniques including the duck walk different types of shimmey walk. You will also be introduced to drum solos in this course.

     Thursdays, 8.00pm: 6/5, 13/5, 20/5, 27/5, 3/6, 10/6, 17/6, 24/6     $180

Bellydance Expression (Level 4)

Refine your technique and develop your own dance style with this course as we explore layering intricate movements, more advanced technique and combinations through specially designed creative movement exercises. The spotlight section for this term is Veil.
* Participants - please bring a long flowing skirt to class.
Students will learn basic single veil and double veil technique. Plus veil choreography and improvisation.
     Tuesdays, 8.00pm: 11/5, 18/5, 25/5, 1/6, 8/6, 15/6, 22/6   (7lessons)    $160

Cost: $180 for 8-week course and $160 for 7-week course.
* All classes are subject to minimum enrollment requirements
** Classes are held at Harmony Circle dance studio, and there is a one-time registration fee of $20 for all new students.
Class size: Studio 1 maximum 14 students; Studio 2 maximum 7 students

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