Desert Rhythm Teachers

Fiona at the Street Festival 2003 Fiona Hoo is the Principal and Instructor of
Desert Rhythm. She has been practising Middle Eastern dance for eight years and has been
teaching since 1996. A qualified dance teacher,
she has taught both locally and overseas. Prior to the founding of Desert Rhythm, she taught at Breathing Space Private Ltd., a holistic health centre.

She has studied under many teachers
and continues to study the finer points of this art form. Master classes attended include: Aida Nour (Egypt), Hossam and Serena Ramzy (UK/Egypt), Salona Koczan (Australia), Maria Masselos (Australia), Mo Geddawi (Egypt), Aisha Ali (USA; Middle eastern folk dances), Kahira Djounmahna (USA; American Tribal Style), Alaine Haddon-Casey (Australia; American Tribal Style) and Kathryn Ferguson (USA).

Fiona draws on her classical ballet, modern dance, jazz and creative movement training to bring
creativity and fun to her classes. She has also performed in WOMAD festival (1997) under the auspices of the National Arts Council, and has been featured in the magazines Where Health Begins (2002) and Singapore Health (1999).
Azalea Wong is assistant teacher and administrator
of Desert Rhythm. She started teaching in 2002.
She studied under Fiona Hoo and Keti Sharif (Australia/Egypt) and has attended master classes with varoius teachers including:
Mo Geddawi (Egypt), Aida Nour (Egypt), Hossam an Serena Ramzy (UK/Egypt), Zaza Hassan (France) and Alaine Haddon-Casey (Australia; American Tribal Style). With a basic knowledge of body kinetics from her
athletics and Pilates background, she has a keen understanding of the fundamental techniques
and their proper execution.

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